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Wedding Dress Alterations

You may have already purchased your wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses. Don't despair if the fit or look isn't as perfect as you would like. We offer a unique alteration service from our fitting studio in the West Midlands, which will cater for all of your alteration needs. 

Our Alteration Process

1) Contact Carol Gregory Design on 07985 465 994 or e-mail:

2) Provide images of garment/s, brief description of alterations required and date of wedding

3) Carol Gregory Design will respond to your e-mail within 24 hours with an estimate of alteration costs and fitting date availability

4) If you agree with costs, a fitting date will be agreed

5) In order to secure booking date, a 25% deposit will be taken (normally by BACS transfer, if local to fitting room can be taken via card machine)

6) Customer will receive confirmation of deposit and agreed fitting date

7) Balance of alterations will be due on completion

Final Fitting

Carol Gregory Design will discuss all alterations have been completed to the clients satisfaction. During this time the client will be given the opportunity to express any concerns with the quality of the alterations


Balance due at final fitting which confirms the client has received the alteration service as agreed


Carol Gregory Design will not accept responsibility for any damage to the garment/s once the balance has been received and collected by client. Dresses are constructed using fragile fabrics and embellishments which can become damaged during wear.  The client should avoid rough or hot objects which may damage the dress.

The prices shown below will give you a rough guide, but please be aware that each dress, design and complexity vary greatly. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions, as only the most common modifications are shown below:

Bridal Alterations

Shorten / Hem                      From £140

Take in bodice                       From £70

Add lace-up back                 From £120

Shorten straps                      From £50


Bridesmaid Alterations

Shorten / Hem                      £40 - 75

Take in bodice                       £20-40

Add lace-up back                  £60

Shorten straps                       £20


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