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The Design Process

At Carol Gregory Design the customer is at the heart of everything that is created and delivered. This gives an overview of the level of exclusive 1-2-1 collaboration you will receive throughout, and excellent customer service. This can be carried out at the studio based in West Midlands, or at your location but please be aware that travelling costs will be incurred if over a 10 mile radius.

Design Process

Step 1 - First Discussions

This can be an informal telephone conversation to discuss ideas and options, or a face-to-face meeting where you can discuss ideas and images you may have seen elsewhere. At this point there is no obligation, but a quote will be drafted up based on agreed designs/work to be undertaken, and timescales for delivery.

Step 2 - Your initial appointment

This will involve discussions around fabric choices, colours and styles. Different elements can be selected from styles you may have seen.

Step 3 - Initial Measurements

Carol Gregory will take your measurements and begin the design of the toile (this is a mock up of your dress in cotton). Only when you are happy with the toile will Carol start to make your dress. This will involve a face to face meeting and can be carried out at the studio in the West Midlands or at your chosen location (this will incur travelling costs if over a 10 mile radius)

Step 4 - First Fitting

Face to face meeting to fit the toile and make final adjustments before the making of the dress.

Step 5 - Further Fittings

This will differ from customer to customer, but from initial design to wedding day there will be a need to have multiple fittings to ensure sizing is correct and you are content with the design.

Step 6 - Final Fitting 

This will involve the final fitting of customer/s and any finishing touches to the design prior to your wedding day. 

Step 7 - Your Wedding Day

We offer a unique service where Carol Gregory can help you and your bridal party into your/their dresses on your wedding day. From our experience this takes unnecessary pressure off the bridal party. This service is only offered throughout the UK and will incur travel costs.

The Price 

A tailor-made bespoke wedding dress ranges from £2000

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